8 causes of hair loss, hair thinning

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Of course girls Many people understand the problem of hair loss very well. The hair that falls out about 50-150 strands per day is considered normal. And is considered a very small proportion compared to the amount of hair on the scalp that is up to 150,000 strands because every time the hair falls out according to its cycle There will be new hair growth to replace. but for girls with severe hair loss problems causing some hair problems Today we will invite you to know the 8 main reasons so that girls can solve problems that arise in time.

8 causes of hair loss, hair thinning

1.Genetics Genetics
is the cause of hair loss and thinning hair that cannot be avoided. especially if family members have a history of hair loss or baldness It will increase the chance that the hair of the girls. will be more premature In this case, it is advisable to see a doctor to plan the correct treatment further.

2. Stress,
stress, or anxiety often faced Can contribute to hair loss as well, but if girls can avoid stress well It will make the hair long and strong as usual. But it must come with good hair care as well.

3. Hormone changes
hormonal changes Whether it’s pregnancy, childbirth, taking drugs to adjust hormones. entering menopause or that male hormones work more than normal It also contributes to the problem of hair loss as well.

4. Sickness,
some illnesses such as thyroid, allergies or infections on the scalp. It also contributes to hair loss in patches as well, or in some cases it can cause severe hair loss problems.

5. Use drugs
in case girls have to use drugs or may be exposed to chemicals or toxins. It also contributes to hair loss and inevitable hair loss problems as well.

6. Lack of nutrients
for malnutrition It usually occurs during the period when women lose weight , which may cause the body to lack certain nutrients. Especially nutrients such as protein, zinc and iron when the body lacks these nutrients. Not only will it cause hair loss and thinning hair. But it also makes the girls’ hair easily torn, more fragile than usual. Therefore, it is important to keep eating enough protein, zinc,ยูฟ่าเบท and iron foods. It will help solve the problem of hair loss and thinning hair very well.

7. Lack of hair care
. hair tie for a long time Including braiding hair in a way that sticks to the scalp Including hair chemistry All contribute to weak hair roots. as well as causing irritation causing problems with hair loss and thinning hair

8. Hair pulling
Many times, girls tend to have the behavior of pulling their hair without knowing it. Or even in a stressful situation, it often encourages hair pulling to relax. That makes the girls Many people have patchy hair loss problems. This cause can be treated by consulting a psychiatrist. along with the right hair root treatment

It can be seen that there are many causes of hair loss and thinning hair. can be avoided If it can be avoided quickly, it can solve problems that arise quickly as well.