Zinchenko suffered a transfer despite joining his childhood dream club

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Oleksandr Zinchenko, the new Arsenal player He admitted the pain of leaving Manchester City despite joining his childhood dream team, the Gunners.

Oleksandr Zinchenko admitted it was impossible to hold back tears as he bid farewell to his Manchester City team-mates, with the 25-year-old saying goodbye to Pep’s squad. Guardiola at the team’s pre-season camp in Texas after the Blues accepted a £32million offer from Arsenal , he left the Etihad Stadium with the title. Four Premier League titles and also four FA Cup and League Cup titles in six years in Manchester.

Zinchenko suffered a transfer despite joining his childhood dream club

 But Zinchenko admitted it was a memory and medal. that made him cry and thanks man City for the support they gave him when Russia launched the invasion of Ukraine earlier this year. “Tell me honestly. I wasn’t ready for today and especially when I said goodbye to my friends. I was overwhelmed with emotion as I tried to rehearse the statement in my room. But I kept saying to myself, ‘Alex, hold back your tears. That’s the main thing.’ But it’s not possible.

When you see these people in front of you. The people with whom you spent the years together, have many shared memories, good and bad. both happy and unhappy There are moments we share with each other and that is life.” “I am so happy that one day I was able to say to my nephews and nieces that I was a small part. of this amazing club.”

  Zinchenko felt pain before leaving the club he had served since joining Manchester in a
£1.7million deal from Russian club Ufa in July 2016. Good enough to play for his team as a versatile player. Zinchenko plays mainly at left-back, although he prefers to play in midfield. and his last action as a Manchester player City is lifting the Premier League trophy. the league after making a huge impact as a first-half substitute in the victory over Aston Villa in May .

Zinchenko was the assist for Rodri ‘s equalizer and the Blues came back from 2-0 down to score three goals in five minutes. “It was an unbelievable moment. Five incredible seasons and six years because in the first season I was loaned out, but I still felt like I was a small part. of this amazing club and I am grateful to everyone who has done so many things for me and my family.” “It was a sad day. but this is life you have to go on And I wish Manchester City all the best. They already know that my phone is open 24 hours a day, so we can still be friends.”

    Zinchenko added, “We have achieved a lot. There were so many that I couldn’t choose any of them. I had the opportunity to say thank you to all the fans, all Citysen people who supported me during the most difficult time of my life. When Russia invades Ukraine and the war begins, I can feel the incredible support around me, around my family in the UK, and again I am very grateful. for what they did for me.” “Without these support I probably don’t know what I can do. I have never been in this situation and not every Ukrainian has ever been in this situation. But that’s what I’ve said many times in the past that in this case we have to stand up and win together.”

Zinchenko turned down an £18m move to Wolves three years ago to fight for his future with Manchester City, thanking Guardiola for believing in him. “We can talk about a lot of things about spirit and character. But if you don’t believe in yourself with the coaching staff and Pep Guardiola, it will be impossible. thank you very much for mister (Guardiola) and his great coaching staff for that opportunity. who believed in me and everything they did for me I will miss everyone here. 

Because in addition to the players and medical staff those who work in the kitchen The person who maintains the lawn and the training ground I will miss them all because they are great people.”“I want to thank you very much. For all the support I’ve received over the years. You guys are awesome You guys are incredible. And you guys deserve the best. So I wish you all the best and continue to support your club as you do. and everything will come out I love you guys very much.”

   After completing his move to Arsenal , Zinchenko said joining the Emirates Stadium was a ‘childhood dream come true’ , he told The Gunner’s official website. ” First of all I would like to say that this was a childhood dream come true because I was a huge fan of the team when I was a kid, ” since Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabre. Young gas plays here I enjoyed watching those Arsenal games.” “And of course I started to love this club. So I’m very excited. And I can’t wait to play for this amazing UFABET club.”