The story of Pok Deng and the card band near the house

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Let me start with the cards that are close to the ones. That many people are well known for such as Pok Deng. This card will have 2 or more players and the dealer is the dealer. And the side that receives the cards will be called legs. It is a card that is popularly played in both small and large casinos. Or even festivals parties or even black and white events close to home are also available to play. Like being a host

The amount of time it takes to continue playing Pok Deng‘s game is quite quick. Because it’s easy to play and uses luck as the main. Starting from the dealer dealing 2 cards to each player, you can cycle in any direction, but must end with the dealer last. Then everyone will sum the card points received. Then take the points to measure with the dealer to decide whether to lose or win. In playing, there will be 2 periods together:

The story of Pok Deng and the card band near the house

In the 2 card range, the player who has a total of 8 or 9 points is called Pok Deng , and whoever has Pok Eight or Pok Nine must show their cards to the dealer immediately. If the dealer doesn’t poke or gets less pok, then the dealer’s bet will be eaten. On the contrary, if the dealer has a bigger Pok or get poked It will immediately show the cards to measure the points with every card leg in the circle. When all points have been measured, it is considered the end of the UFABET game.

3 card range. In this round, only the players who do not pok with the dealer only Which each person will be able to choose whether to call 1 more card or not. Here, many people choose not to catch more cards if there are points between 5-7 points or there is a bounce in their hand.