Ten Hag is angry! Wagging on this ghost footballer during pre-season practice

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Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag blasted a player during his team’s pre-season training. After last Tuesday Just picked up David de Gea during the UFABET game.

 Zidane Iqbal is the latest player to experience the ire of Erik ten Hag. During Manchester United‘s pre-season campaignearlier this week. A clip can be heard quite clearly of the Dutchman yelling at David de Gea from the sidelines. After the Spaniard’s goal kicked the ball into the middle of the field towards the end. Of Manchester United‘s win over Crystal Palace 3-1 in the Melbourne match Australia.

Ten Hag is angry! Wagging on this ghost footballer during pre-season practice

         And during Manchester’s open training United in Perth yesterday. Ten Hag had no hesitation in criticizing his teammates while working out. After discovering the 19-year-old had made a mistake during training. Ten Hag yelled at Iqbal Keep the ball on the floor Zidane hey, keep the ball it sucks.

 Iqbal has impressed as a substitute in all three of the team’s pre-season games so far. And reports earlier this month claimed Ten Hag was ‘surprised’ that the midfielder was rarely played under Ole Gunnar Solskjaer or Ralph Rangnick last season by Rio Fer. Former Manchester United defender Dinand also picked Iqbal as one of two youngsters to make an impact during the club’s pre-season tour this summer.

  “I’ve been watching the last two pre-season friendly games and the youngster in midfield there, Charlie Savage, was fantastic, Zidane did a really good job as well,” Ferdinand told Vibe with . Five “So I think that’s something that needs to be pondered. It was always like that in pre-season. You get two players that come from somewhere you’d think. ‘I didn’t expect anything from them.'”

Bruno Fernandes meanwhile has hailed Ten Hag for helping to develop discipline at United : “We’ve been missing that for a while and discipline is important,” the Portugal international said. “Discipline is not just how you play, where you are, what you have to do. It’s also off-field.” He should be punished. because I am punctual So I won’t have a problem with it.”