So similar to this size what’s the difference between bounce and baccarat?

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From what I’ve said, it can be seen that the two cards are similar in that. Use the same 2 starting cards, the points are combined using the unit digit as a measure. The maximum is 9 points too. And there is also an increase in the conditions for drawing the 3rd card. But in fact, if we look into the details. We will see the difference as follows.

So similar to this size what's the difference between bounce and baccarat?

play place

Pok Deng , needless to say, you can play anywhere from banana groves behind the house to Online casinos. But baccarat can be played accordingly. Online casino or live casino only

used equipment

Because it is a circle of cards near the house, the movement must be fast as well. Therefore, Pok Deng uses only 1 deck of cards and another sheet. As for baccarat, it is necessary to have a betting table and chairs for gamblers to sit and risk their luck as well. It also requires up to 8 decks of cards that are shuffled. Put into baccarat holds for dealing cards as well.

how to play

Pok Deng We will play with our own hand to measure against the dealer’s UFABET card. Placing bets can be as much as you want, but must not exceed the amount set by the dealer. As for baccarat, we must predict which side will win between the dealer and the player (like cheering for boxing) and watching the dealer’s game execution.

how do you pay

for bounce The payout rate is clear, for example, if you get 2 bounces, you get 2x bets, if you get a 5x bet, as for baccarat, there will be more details here. If the player wins pays 1 time. The banker wins pays 0.95 times, if the result is a draw, pays 8 times.