Open the textbook on how to shuffle Pokdeng to get Pok 9

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If you mention the name of Pok Deng every Thai person does not know this word. The game of Pok Deng is considered a common card in the house that everyone already plays. Usually when there is a carnival or black event. They usually pick up the cards to play together. Most of them are playing at the level of friends. Relatives Most of them are rarely cheated.

It will be more fun to play and kill time. But for friends who used to play this kind of cards in the casino and like being sucked into another dimension. Because of losing money playing bounce at the UFABET casino very quickly, even playing at home. Never been so unlucky You may have wondered if the dealer has a way to shuffle poker cards to get Pok 9 or not. In this article we will clarify the statement. Including other forms of poker card cheats. That are used by the dealer in order to eat money around the circle what does it have

Open the textbook on how to shuffle Pokdeng to get Pok 9

Why does the dealer have to use how to shuffle the bounce cards to get Pok 9?

before getting into the facts as to why Why does the dealer need to cheat? because most people understand that Being a dealer is already considered an advantage to normal players. Why do you still need it? How to shuffle Pokdeng to get Pok 9 , in fact, there are other options for making cards to get yourself 9 points, which is the highest point. Also known as 9 houses, there is still a chance to win here. Letting them win and then drawing the 3rd card should be more fun. Why did you choose the method to get Pok 9 in the first place? What is it caused by?

Because each has different rules for playing poker. The most troubling problem of the dealers is The fact that there is no limit in playing the game of Pokdeng, that makes us often come across players who hope to eat large sums of money from the dealer. Make large bets at a time, which has a chance of making your money back up to 5 times if you get three yellow cards. which is enough In the event that the dealer loses around the circle Or each player gets a double or triple point, it will cause the dealer to lose a lot of money. It can be said that I don’t really know what the maximum ceiling will be.

For a simple example, the maximum chance that the dealer will lose is 5 times, assuming a player bets 10 baht, if 5 times is 50 baht, assuming there are 5 players, equal to the banker has a chance to lose up to 250 baht, which if some players go down Play at 100 or 200 per turn. When losing, the dealer has a chance to lose thousands very easily.

Therefore, to prevent this problem in case the dealer wants to cheat by making cards. Always make yourself get Pok 9 right from the beginning. Which is the end, depending on whether to choose to be Pok nine two bounce or not Or sometimes if you want to be more realistic. then choose to make cards to fit in Pok 8 is enough to make cards to get points in this manner It is a guarantee that can be measured in terms of money. How much will be cheated in the amount that will be enough? As for how to make cards, how to shuffle poker to get Pok 9, what methods are there, we will discuss in the next section.