Explain techniques, how to shuffle the bounce cards to get Pok 9.

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First of all, we need to understand that A combination of 2 cards to get 9 points can occur in many cases. How to shuffle Pokdeng to get Pok 9 that the dealer. Often uses is called creating a card circuit. In meaning is Pre-selection of desired cards. Then lock the cards in the position that was dealt to fall on the dealer himself. There are steps to do as follows.

Explain techniques, how to shuffle the bounce cards to get Pok 9.

The dealer has to choose the card that he wants to form Pok 9. Such as [6 + 3], [4 + 5], [J+9], etc. When choosing a card. Then put one card at the top of the pile. The other card is placed at the bottom of the pile.

  • Shuffle the first card, shuffle the cards one by one using the formula Number of Players + 1. Suppose there are 3 players. We have to shuffle the cards 4 times by rolling one card at a time. Let the top card go back to the bottom. The 1st card moves to the bottom as the 52nd card. The 2nd card goes down to the 51st card. The 3rd card goes down to the 50th card. As for the last shuffle of this set. The 4th card goes down to the 49th card.
  • Shuffle the 2nd set, shuffle the cards one by one equal to the number of players. In this case 3 players are shuffled 3 more times. The 1st time the top card goes to the bottom 52 shuffle. The 2nd time the top card goes down to position 51. The last shuffle is the 3rd time, the top card goes down to position 50.

How to shuffle Pokdeng to get Pok 9 This shuffling of sets 1 and 2 must be done continuously and naturally, that is, the dealer must move his hand during shuffling with dexterity. There is no interruption or no need to count the sound for the players to hear that they are reciting the card formula.

  • After that, shuffle the cards as usual. That is, the cards from the middle are shuffled up to the top. can switch back and forth because now All the cards the dealer wants are below. When the last 8 cards are left, shuffle the cards one by one. to change the position from the bottom to the top.
  • Able to hand the cards to the players to cut the cards. If someone wants to cut the cards to feel safe not being cheated But when the dealer returns, he must find a rhythm to Somersault the card back to the pile that the player cuts down to its original place. These techniques require practice in order to be able to be done fluently and realistically.

will become the dealer with cards ready to deal 3 players and deal cards that have already set the card circuit to their own cards which the position of the card that the dealer has made which is the card that is kept the top and bottom cards at the beginning Will become the cards in the 4th and 8th piles. When the dealer starts to deal cards to the 1st – 3rd players, it will be the normal cards that come from the pile.

The 4th card is dealt to the dealer as the cards that have been made. When the first round of cards has been dealt, then the second round of cards is dealt, which will cycle the 5th – 7th card to the 1st – 3rd players and the 8th card is dealt, which is the card that has been made to yourself and This is how to shuffle Pokdeng to get Pok 9 that the UFABET casino dealers like to use.